Colorado Mask Project




C&a founder, Delanie Holton-Fessler created the Colorado Mask Project in response to a growing need for non-medical masks in Colorado.

CMP is a grass roots collective of CO businesses, artisans, and individuals who are committed to putting a cloth mask in the hands of every Coloradan. 

In late March, it was becoming increasingly clear that mask wearing was going to have to become a way of life for people. In collaboration with the State Co-Vid Task Force, Delanie began to reach out to the maker community in Colorado. Along with folks from the Governor's Office and some amazing volunteers, she's helped to establish a network of home sewers, large and small CO manufacturers as well an active FB group and social media presence. To date, participants in the Colorado Mask Project have produced at least 200,000 masks and still have requests for 50,000 donated masks.

For media inquiries or information on how to start a mask project in your state, please contact Delanie at 

For more info about the project, to volunteer or to request mask donations, please visit the Colorado Mask Project Website