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Creative Space Design

We believe beautiful spaces make creative work happen.

Work with us to design and build your creative space. We specialize in flexible, functional, organized play and work spaces inspired by nature and an american craft workshop heritage. 

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Client Story

The folks over at Downtown Denver Expeditionary School have a space problem. The school full of excited, adventurous kids is located inside a 13 story office building in the heart of the city. In 2015, we were asked to design their TED learning and computer space.

Here's what we did:

+ We created a nature inspired workshop for kids to tinker and explore. Complete with kid sized shop tables and live edge beetle kill pine harvested and milled from my Grandparent's land North of Fort Collins.
+ We designed and built birch veneer movable walls to create displays, mini classrooms, and to divide open spaces when needed. These versatile walls on wheels can be configured again and again to fit the changing needs of the school. We've used these 8' walls along with our smaller panel walls to configure 5 small group instructional pods in the school's common area. 
+ In 2016, we were asked back to build out a new art room with tough work surfaces, plenty of storage and display space, and an old school shop vibe. 
+Expanding on the concept of flexible spaces, we've also developed a larger movable wall with shelving storage, white boards, and cork board which acts as both a sound dampener and an area to create displays. 



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