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Field trips, maker experiences, and more!

Kids have big ideas and goals, too! Bring your class to The Craftsman & Apprentice workshop for a field trip, collaborate with our team to develop enrichment programming at your school or bring us in to facilitate and support your next maker experience. 

Come to The Shop*

We will work with you and your team to develop a just right maker experience. Our workshop is the perfect place to explore materials, tools, and techniques. Leave the materials and mess to us. Our light and bright workshop is big enough to fit a class of up to 25 students. Based on your curriculum goals and student needs, we will develop a workshop that aligns to your students' needs and learning targets. We offer 1 hour to multi-day in shop experiences. 

*Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 except for groups of 10 kids or less.

We'll Come to You


We love to work with schools, libraries, and non-profits to provide hands-on, creative educational opportunities for kids during and after school. Reach out and let's connect on how we can bring The Shop Model to your organization. 

Field Trips

Take the guess work out of your culminating project or maker experience. We'll take care of supplies, tools, safety equipment, mess mitigation, and workshop facilitation. You focus on all the million other things you have on your teacher plate. Check out our 2020 Field Trip Catalog for more information.

Bring in a Expert

We have great relationships with master craftspeople from all walks. From beekeepers, to designers, to slow food experts, we work with community stakeholders to develop programming and events that connect kids to our most valuable local resource; people who know their stuff. 

Ready to get started? Let's talk. We're here to help. 

Project Exemplars

2nd Grade Simple Machines

Both Polaris Elementary and Downtown Denver Expeditionary School have brought their second grade classes to the shop for this fun half day maker experience. We challenge students to utilize their understanding of simple and compound machines to design, build and test their own creations. By using real tools and simple machines throughout the build challenge, students are utilizing their academic vocabulary to describe the function of their tools like hammers, saws, screws, and more. 


Mini Masons

Mini-masons was taught as an after school enrichment program for students in grades K-1 at Polaris Elementary. In this five week session, students learned all about building with earth materials like clay, concrete, brick, and stone. We examined the history of humans and earth materials, compared structures and material function, and got our hands very dirty.