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Maker Camp


20 classic and innovative hands-on projects for kids ages 3 to 11 designed to teach both heritage skills and how to think creatively

Handcraft is part of human nature: we build, we create, we innovate. The 20+ projects in Maker Camp: Heritage Crafts and SkillBuilding Projects for Kids, by experienced art educator and mom Delanie Holton-Fessler, weave a story of human innovation and creativity, from the very beginnings of building shelters in the woods to tinkering with recycled materials.

Heritage skills teach children how to be independent and capable makers; fiber and wood projects offer rewarding crafts that also teach planning, preparation, and safe risk taking; and tinkering activities connect the low-tech process of making and doing with innovation. From the nostalgic soap carving, knot tying, and hand sewing to the innovation of building toy cars and junk robots, this book brings the fun of making things with your hands to young kids and links skills of the past with the present.

The book also explores how to set up a maker space—along with helpful supply checklists and house rules—and teaches foundational workshop practices that can easily be applied to the home studio.

Each project, complete with clear, step-by-step instructions, offers extensions for different ages and abilities and provides guiding questions to enrich the experience for both the maker (teacher/ parent/caregiver) and the apprentice (child) to encourage and celebrate creative, practical play. “You’ll do more than just make a wooden birdhouse,” says Delanie. “Each of the projects in this book teaches valuable skills and lessons that kids will carry with them through their lives.”

Through the seemingly antiquated tradition of arts and crafts, we practice at life, we make life more beautiful, and we connect to one another. Let’s get our hands dirty, make mistakes, and bring back some good old-fashioned making and doing.

Publisher: Roost Books 



Praise for Maker Camp

The Literary West

"Perfect for creating your own at-home spring break or summer camp."

Crafts 'R Us

"There is an entire summer’s worth of fun and fulfillment waiting in this beautiful and well-designed book. Again, it’s ideal for summer schools, camps, clubs, homeschoolers, and anyone who wants their kids to gain the confidence of creating, and the learning that only hands-on projects offer."


Inspiring Kids to Craft at Home With Maker Camp

Create Whimsey

Author Interview

Powell's Staff Pick

"A praise-worthy projects book for young kids, where basic toy-making (from wooden robots to mini-kites), learning fiber arts, and plenty more is all nicely laid out in clear, understandable steps alongside great photos. The author’s experience running maker workshops additionally shines through in the bonus materials, which include inventor challenges, guiding questions, and ways to adapt the tools and customize creations according to a child’s development and abilities." Recommended By Aubrey W.,