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The Craftsman & Apprentice

Maker Box: Creative Build Play Super Box

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Creative Build Play Super Box

Ages: 4+

Set up the ultimate creative space with our Creative Build/Play Super Box. Inside you'll find loads of our favorite open-ended craft materials along with project idea starters and our time-tested tips and tricks for setting up the perfect work area to create with kids as young as 3. This box is ideal for creative kids that just need a simple prompt and access to materials to get going. This is also a great additional set of resources for all of our Maker Boxes.

*Small parts! Not for children 3 or younger.

What's included:  

  • 4- 9x6 ⅛” plywood bases
  • Pine scrap wood assortment
  • Chipboard
  • 8 oz container each of:
    • Pompoms
    • Gems, beads & buttons
    • Foam stickers
    • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden parts assortment: 
    • cubes 
    • spools 
    • 6" dowels 
    • Peg dolls
    • Clothespins 
  • Large rainbow popsicle stick pack
  • 9 color tempera cake set & brush
  • 4oz craft glue

About Our Maker Boxes

Each Maker Box includes easy to read guides with photo how-tos, guiding questions, extension and adaptation suggestions. Paired with high quality materials and supplies to complete five projects, you’ve got a box of maker gold. Up to 15 hours of creative play in each kit. C&a Maker Boxes connect real world concepts to creative exploration. Build, make & play while developing new understandings of science, art and math concepts. 

Age suggestions are for independent exploration. Younger kiddos may need adult assistance. You know your kiddo best. Choose accordingly. All boxes contain small parts and are not suitable for children under 3. Make at your own risk. 

Remember to go slow, have fun, it’s all about the process.

We will donate one box for every five sold!