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Craftsman & Apprentice

Soap Carving Kit

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Our soap carving kit is a great introduction to knife safety & a fun way to whittle away the day. Each kit contains one wooden knife, handmade in the shop from reclaimed beetle kill pine & sealed with our beeswax & oil sealant, with a bar of good old-fashioned Ivory soap. Ivory soap is the most widely used soap for carving and it floats!

 Great for kids ages, 3+. Adult supervision is advised.  

Our wooden knife is modeled after a traditional bushcraft knife. We've tailored the design to fit in small hands. This knife is wood but it is still pointy and sharp! Some caregivers choose to sand the blade edge to a more dull blade for younger hands and sand back the blade edge as they get more comfortable with the tool. 

When you are all done carving, wash away the excess soap. Dry the knife. Take it outside and play! 

This project is featured in Delanie's Book, Maker Camp. Add a copy to your order for more creative fun!