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Real tools, real fun, real learning.

At Craftsman & Apprentice, we build kind, creative, and capable kids through hands-on maker experiences. Our workshops allow kids to build real skills, collaborate, develop self-sufficiency, and creative exploration in a fun and low-pressure environment all while making connections to their core curriculum. All of our workshops are developed by veteran arts educators and can be adapted to varying abilities and community needs.

Oh, and did we mention we make it easy on you. We were all public school teachers and know how much you have on your plate. We're here to do what we do well so you can do what you do well.

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Nuts & BoLts


COST: $420 up to 15 makers/90-120 minute workshop.

$28/additional maker

$150/hour additional instructional time beyond 2-hours

Custom workshops available. Additional fees may apply.

Our place or yours.

Multi-class discount

Sliding scale available for high FRL populations.

Travel fees outside of 30 miles of 80205 may be applied.

Net 30 terms

DPS and APS approved vendor

Good to know

We provide all materials, tools, and instruction.

Come to our workshop or we’ll come to you.

Up to 30 kids per session.

Our experiences are a great opportunity for caregivers to assist (no English required).

We are happy to adapt to the unique needs/abilities of your group.

Sheltered Language instruction is available.

Sensory support is also available (headphones, gloves, etc).

All makers must have signed waiver.

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Workshop options

Choose from our favorite and most popular themes or, we'll work with your school to develop something truly unique. This is just a start.

Week-long immersions, residencies, and ongoing partnerships are all good. Let's chat.

We offer discounted pricing the more you book with us.

  • Rolling Toys


    Using a wooden base, wooden wheels and axles, and all sorts of cool junk and wood scrap, makers will design and create their own rolling toy.

    Connections: Transportation, tools, simple machines, communities

  • Sew a stuffie


    Design and create a board game complete with cards, spinners, dice, and 3D features. Work through game development, collaboration, and cooperative play.

    Connections: Math facts, demonstration of knowledge, teamwork, collaboration

  • Scrapwood Robots/animals


    This is our all-time most popular project. Customize your experience to focus on reusing materials, making robots with helpful jobs, or how we use tools and simple machines to make objects of play.

    Connections: Simple machines, recycling, communities, animal study, social emotional

  • Board Games


    Design and create a board game complete with cards, spinners, dice, and 3D features. Work through game development, collaboration, and cooperative play.

    Connections: Math facts, demonstration of knowledge, teamwork, collaboration

  • Simple Machines


    Balls and ramps are the perfect jumping point into exploring simple machines. We’ll provide all of the tools, materials, and know-how to make truly spectacular marble runs. Or, for more advanced study of simple machines, take our simple machines challenge and build a contraption that moves a pegdoll using two or more simple machines. 

    Connections: Simple machines, balls and ramps, engineering 

  • Birdhouse/feeder


    A classic first woodworking project, we’ll learn all about tool safety and how to work in a shop setting. Our cedarwood birdhouses or feeders are simple to assemble and will last for many seasons outdoors.

    Connections: Cool tools, birds, observation skills

  • Bee Hotel


    Did you know that some bees love to burrow? Many native Colorado pollinators lay their eggs and nest in small spaces. A bee hotel is a great way to attract pollinators to your garden. We’ll even learn about cool tools, shop safety, and building techniques while we help the planet.

    Connections: Insects, conservation, environmentalism, cool tools

  • Wooden Box


    Design a useful and beautiful object that fulfills a need in the classroom or at home. We’ll use wood, hammers, nails, and more to make the most magnificent things!

    Connections: Math, community needs, cool tools

  • Insect House


    Makers will sand, hammer, and staple while they build their very own insect observation houses. Temporarily house a bug for careful looking.

    Connections: Insects, conservation, environmentalism, cool tools

  • Mini-Toy Shop


    We’ll task makers to design and create their own line of mini-toys along with a catchy name, display, and sales pitch. We’ll culminate the experience with a toy sale where students can “buy” and sell their toys to each other. This workshop is the perfect intersection of design, commerce, and collaborative play.

    Connections: Math, business, collaboration, make it content specific and kids can sell their toys for a cause!

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