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What is Creative work?

Good question. Creative work is the work of childhood. Children are built to tinker, to play, to create, and to make meaning of their world with their hands. We give them the space, materials, tools, and guidance to do their best work.

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Fun Professional development? It can be done!

C&a offers engaging and relevant professional development opportunities for educators. 

Book a two-hour PD session and receive a certificate of completion towards professional development hours.

Combine sessions to make a whole day of creative development.

Your session will include one hands-on activity that can be translated into the classroom with ease. Educators will have a chance to experience firsthand the excitement and engagement that comes with creative work (read: not another boring talk-a-thon). While we create, we will provide loads of relevant and actionable information about a specific topic.

Our favorite PD Themes


    Integrating Creative Work Without all the Work: Planning, Process, & Outcome

    While we each design and build our own board games, we’ll teach your staff how to use play-based creative activities to deepen inquiry and content learning. We’ll give you all the tools you need to create high-engagement projects without stress. We’ll talk about the creative process and how we can encourage resilience, reflection, question posing, problem solving, and collaboration. Educators will leave with new working language, lesson guides, and loads of new ideas to easily bring creative work to their classroom.

TEAChers will learn about

  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Question posing
  • Problem solving
  • High-engagement work
  • Content/Standards Connection (Math-science-etc)
  • Culminating projects
  • Demonstration of knowledge
  • Pre-assessment


  • Enganging and fun experiences
  • Pracitcal demonstration of skills
  • Tactile and kinetic experience
  • A process for failure and testing ideas
  • Practical life skills
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  • How to be the Worst

    Modeling Failure, Reflection, and Resilience

    Not being good at things can be hard for teachers. In this workshop, we’ll pull back the curtain on failure and all it’s useful glory. Participants will be tasked to design, cut, and stitch a stuffie. Easy for some, not so easy for others. We’ll use this activity to talk through modeling strategies, self-reflection, classroom culture, student experts, and more. Educators will leave with loads of new strategies that promote failure, reflection, and resiliency.


  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Classroom culture
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating community
  • Self-reflection
  • Naming emotions


  • A safe place to thrive and fail
  • Tools for self expression
  • Tools for emotional regulation
  • Practice in resilency
  • Community and collaboration over competition
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  • Making Matters

    Hands-on Work for ELL and ND Kids

    Hands-on work is incredibly beneficial for everyone but especially for those kiddos where auditory processing is still a work in progress. While we use scrapwood, loose parts, and hand tools to design and build simple machines or rolling toys, we’ll discuss how creative work can trigger the flow state, calm high sensory input kids, create buy-in, and serve a variety of hard-to-reach kiddos. Creative work is also fantastic for ELLs especially if done to front-load academic content. Educators will leave with a variety of strategies to serve ND and ELL kids with lesson plans and a strategy cheat sheet.


  • ELL strategy
  • Hands-on engagement
  • Understanding academic concepts by building the thing first
  • ADHD, ASD, Executive function
  • Sensory
  • Flow state
  • Buy-in
  • Learning modalities


  • Confidence
  • Material success
  • Access to academic content
  • Self-regulation
  • Executive functioning skills
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Nuts & Bolts

Good to know

Come to us or we'll come to you.

Our workshop can accomodate up to 30.

We will provide certificate of attendace towards PD hours.

Got an idea? Great. Let's work together to make it happen.


$500 facilitator fee per 2-hour workshop.

Per participant materials fee of $10-20 depending on project.

Average $35-55/participant

Sliding scale for high FRL population.

NET 30 terms

Approved DPS and APS vendor

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