Creative work in the afterschool space

Creative activities in school have been shown to improve student attendance, mental health, and overall acadeic performance. Also it's really fun to make stuff.

We take the creative work of childhood seriously and we have a great time doing it.

Our organization works with a talented group of experienced arts educators to provide unique maker workshops for all ages. For more than eight years, we've partnered with schools and local institutions to provide creative enrichment programs that are fun, engaging, and help kids build community, self-sufficiency, resiliency and creative problem solving skills. Our programs can be adapted to varying abilities and community needs.

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Good to know

We are currently booking for 24'-25' school year

Up to 15 participants

Class minimum of 8 participants

Mixed grade-level groups are A-ok. Just check the minimum recommended age for each program

We supply one fantastic, kind, and knowledgeable instructor with a background check and mandatory reporter training

We are fully insured

All consumable materials, tools, and safety equipment are provided

Use our complimentary booking system or your own

DPS and APS-approved vendors

60+ minute sessions

Sliding scale and scholarships available. All kids should have the opportunity to make and play!

All programs are adaptable for four-twelve sessions

Flexible billing

Fall 2024 Curriculum Options

Choose fromm our favorite and most popular themes or, we'll work with your school to develop something truly unique.

All of our enrichment programs are developed by long-time art educators.

Kid-tested, kid-approved.

  • Toy Shop


    Forget the big box toy store. Put down the Legos. In this program, makers will explore various building techniques to design and create the most awesome playthings. We will use tools, wood, and wheels to create rolling toys, and stitch together dolls and stuffed animals, we’ll even use recycled materials to invent games and activities that will keep your child engaged long after the class is over. On the last day, we will collaborate to create a child-run pop-up market for those who would like to "sell" their creations. Kids will learn about design, craftsmanship, safety, business, marketing, and more while having a blast.

  • Crafty Critters


    Love animals and insects? We do, too! While we can’t turn the school into a farm, we can get crafty with an animal twist. In this enrichment, we’ll explore all things animal-related. We’ll spend each day exploring a different type of animal and creative craft. Think wooden bug catchers with polymer clay bug buddies, DIY bird wings, beaks, animal ears, papier-mache mammals, and under-the-sea stuffies.

  • Enchanted Forest


    Is your kiddo super into fairies, gnomes, and the magic of forest creatures? Us, too! In this club, makers will create detailed fairy and gnome habitats using natural materials from our cabin in the woods. Makers will create with wool felt, create miniatures, and stitch toadstool stuffies. We'll even craft woodland creature costumes like fairies, gnomes, foxes, or deer for even more imaginative play!

  • Things That Move


    In this afternoon club, we’ll explore creating all sorts of playthings that move. Makers will explore simple machines by building toys and gadgets with moving parts. Think rolling toys, marble runs, spinning Ferris wheels, automata, and more. We’ll really get our creative gears turning in this super fun club.

  • Maker Club

    Grades 3-5

    Maker Club is just what it sounds like, the place to be for maker kids. Participants will get to choose their own creative path with lots of support and guidance from their instructor. Each week or two, we'll introduce a new material, technique, or tool to keep things interesting. Think cardboard construction, sewing, clay, woodworking, looseparts, and more. This is the perfect club for upper elementary makers.

  • Sew Cool

    Grades 3-5

    Many of our campers fall in love with hand-sewing when they make their first stuffie. In this enrichment, we will explore how to use hand-sewing and embroidery techniques to create pillows, bracelets, patches, and even multi-part stuffies. We’ll include stamp carving and printmaking techniques, then embellish with stitching to create Ts and totes with personal style. This is the perfect club for those creative, design-oriented makers with a desire to learn practical skills that will last a lifetime. Some prior sewing skills and plus but not required.

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Schools Served

  • Bill Roberts
  • Brown
  • C3
  • Centennial
  • Columbine
  • Colorado Academy
  • Cowell
  • Dora Moore
  • Edison
  • Inspire
  • ISD
  • Izzy B
  • Manual Middle
  • McMeen
  • Odyssey
  • Park Hill
  • Polaris
  • Southmoor
  • Stanley British Primary
  • Steadman
  • Swigert
  • Teller
  • UPark

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