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Creative work is the work of childhood. Children are built to tinker, to play, to create, and to make meaning of their world with their hands. We give them the space, materials, tools, and guidance to do their best work. Let's make stuff, together!

  • Maker Club

    Wednesdays 3:30-4:45pm

    During our 8-week Maker Club series, makers will get to choose their own creative path with lots of support and guidance from our instructors. We'll introduce a new material, technique, or tool each week to keep things interesting. They can make something new each week or work for multiple sessions on a bigger or more detailed project. Think woodworking, fiber arts, creative build & play with some good old-fashioned arts & crafts.

  • Miniatures Club

    Wednesdays 5-6:15pm

    Crafting tiny objects is a great joy for many kids for good reasons. Creating miniatures helps kids dream up new worlds, craft in various materials, and continue to create objects of play as they age. In this 8-week series, we'll learn multiple techniques for making miniatures in an accurate 1:12 scale. Each kiddo will plan and build a room or scene. Then, they will work to create all the furniture, accessories, and trimmings for their mini-space down to the smallest item. Makers will focus on refining their skills, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We'll explore woodworking techniques, wire construction, polymer clay, sewing, and more.

  • Maker Club Drop-ins


    Maker Club is your kiddo's guided access to our shop full of cool maker materials, tools, and project ideas for kids ages 4+

  • Kids' Night Out

    2nd Saturdays 5:30-8pm

    Send the kids to us for a fun night out! Each month, we’ll have a new and fun project, order pizza from Sexy Pizza, hang out, and have loads of fun. You go on a date, read a book, whatever.

  • Family Workshop

    3rd Sundays 2-4pm

    As folks who love the kids in our lives, we are always looking for ways to connect and create memories. We’ve designed our family workshop for just this purpose. Take a Sunday afternoon to slow down, connect and create something together.

  • Field Trips

    Come to us or, we’ll come to you. We can facilitate workshops for up to 30 makers at a time. Browse our top ten workshops or reach out to collaborate. We have a deep understanding of curriculum standards and are pros at alligning meaningful maker experiences with your goals. Become a partner school and receive preferred scheduling, free consulting, and discounted workshops when you book us for the school year.

  • Clubs

    We now serve more than a dozen schools each week through our afterschool and day-time enrichment programs. Creative enrichments help to increase student motivation, engagement, school buy-in, and exposes students to new challenges and opportunities. We are now scheduling for spring and fall 2023.

  • Professional Development

    Creative work is a way of teaching and learning that can be incorporated into the classroom in a variety of ways. We teach educators how to create meaningful hands-on experiences without the extra stress.Using our Shop Model, we empower educators to get their hands dirty, make mistakes, and get creative (even if they say they can’t even draw a stick figure!).

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Let's Party

Celebrate with Creative Play

Now hosting private events for kids ages 5-18. Pick your project, grab some treats & your crew, we'll take care of the rest.

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Maker Camp

Heritage Crafts & Skill-Building Projects for Kids

Written by C&A founder Delanie Holton-Fessler, Maker Camp contains heritage crafts and skill-building projects for kids as well as loads of tips and tricks for working with kids.

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