Who We Are

  • Delanie Holton-Fessler


    Delanie worked as an artist and k-8 art and content integration specialist for 10 years before opening C&a. Her book, Maker Camp was published in 2021. She loves all things kids, community, and craft.

  • Jonathan Fessler


    Jonathan co-founded C&a with Delanie in 2004. He is a master stone mason and jack of all crafts. Jonathan makes sure our building and program prep runs smoothly.

  • Anna Loring

    Director of Programming

    Anna has been teaching for more than 20 years. She came from a background in EL arts education and a deep love for creativity and children. Anna has been teaching and developing curriculum for C&a since 2017.

  • Bethany Dieterle

    Community Program Director

    Hiya! I’m Bethany. Here are a few things about me: I’m a maker, I love tinkering with things, and find that I need to keep my hands busy (usually doing puzzles, crocheting, embroidering, or hand sewing). I came to Craftsman and Apprentice after more than ten years in the elementary classroom. After working with thousands of kiddos I realized I wanted to work to give young people the chance for a creative outlet without relying on artistic ability. All kids can be makers! I love partnering with schools to bring the creative process to the afterschool time. Happy making!

  • Curtis Tucker


    My name is Curtis and I’ve been working in childcare for over ten years. I enjoy being creative and teaching anything relating to art. In my spare time I’m a printmaker and designer working on my projects. I love seeing what things kids come up with when you give them space to make!

  • Jack Persephone


    I am a lifelong artist, raised and taught by a family of artists and craftsmen. While my own favored art form is painting, I was lucky enough to have an art teacher mom and access to every craft supply under the sun. I've tried my hands at everything from ceramics to jewelry, textile crafting to soap making. Nothing gets me more engaged and excited to learn like taking on a new craft or finding a new medium to try out. I am a Jack of All Trades, Master of Fun!

    As a former science educator, I know what a meaningful task it is to share knowledge with bright and talented minds. I encourage students to explore and share their experiences since we learn best when we have other minds to collaborate with. By working with our hands, being curious, and asking questions, we get to learn about ourselves, our friends and neighbors, and the incredible world around us.

  • Paulina Mucha


    Hi everyone, my name is Paulina! I am a former classroom teacher, and lifelong lover of art, crafting, woodwork, and building. I enjoy watching kids grow through play and hands-on art practice skills. I am excited to see what our makers are made of!!

  • Holli Dougan


    Holli has worked as a Graphic Designer for 10 years and coached volleyball for all ages. As a former collegiate volleyball player, her passion for the game translated over into coaching seamlessly and she realized her true passion was teaching the subjects she loves the most (anything creative, and volleyball!). Holli went back to school to complete a Masters Degree in Craft & Design, where she discovered her love for sculpting. She fell in love with art the moment she picked up a crayon as a child, and that childlike wonder has never left her. Dabbling in illustration, character design, worldbuilding, sculptures, and MINIATURES, Holli has been able to play in the world of 2D and 3D simultaneously all while being a big advocate for mental health awareness. By working and learning through the making process, Holli is excited to bring that joy to her students!! Let's get making!!

  • Not Pictured


    Jackie-Assistant Teacher