Do you have a crafty kiddo?

Perfect. We genuinely adore kids around here, and our mission is to give kids space to be themselves, to be creative, and to have fun! Isn't that what summer is for?!

It's our 10th anniversary, and we're going big!

We'll host camps at the French American School from June 17 to August 2. This sweet 1950s schoolhouse has all the Craftsman charm with so much added space! The first and last two weeks will be at the shop.

This means more camps, a dedicated playground, easy drop-off, and aftercare!


Good to Know

How it works

Camps are for kids age 5-11

All of our camps are developed by our team of experienced arts educators. Read more about our approach HERE.

Check out all our fun camp themes. Choose the week(s) that work best.

Camps run 9-3 pm each day

Aftercare is available 3-5pm at the FAS location only.


Students will be grouped according to the camp theme and dates they are registered for.


Applications are open for kids 13-15 years old during the camp season. Submit your application HERE



$150/week aftercare

$36/day drop-in aftercare

Installment plans available

10% multi-camp discount good for the whole family! Automatically applied at check out.

Are you already registered for one camp and want to add more? Reach out to Bethany; she'll get you the discount!

We have scholarship funds!

We ask families to pay what they can. Reach out for more info.

Cancellation Policy

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      2024 camp themes

      • Offered: June 10-14th, 17-21st, July 1-3rd, 15-19th, July 29-Aug 2nd

        Forget the big box toy store. Put down the Legos. In this week-long camp, makers will explore various building techniques to design and create the most awesome playthings. We will use tools, wood, and wheels to develop rolling toys, we'll stitch together dolls and stuffed animals. We'll even use recycled materials to invent games and activities to keep your child engaged long after camp is over. On the last day of camp, we will collaborate to create a child-run pop-up market for those who would like to sell their creations. Kids will learn about design, craftsmanship, safety, business, marketing, and more while having a blast.

      • Offered: Weekly June 17th-Aug 2nd

        Maker Camp is your kiddo's guided access to all our fun maker materials, tools, and project ideas. Makers will get to choose their creative path with lots of support and guidance from our instructors. They can make something new each day or work for multiple sessions on a more extensive or detailed project. Think woodworking, fiber arts, creative build & play with some good old-fashioned arts & crafts.

      • Offered: July 1-3rd & July 29-Aug 2nd

        Pirate Party is the perfect camp for your buccaneers to walk the plank right into a week of imaginative craft and play. As with all of our creative build-play camps, we'll explore a variety of materials, tools, and techniques as we craft a story together. We'll make treasure boxes, booty & loot, treasure maps, hand-stitched pirate vests & eye patches, classic paper hats, cardboard swords, papier-mache shoulder parrots, and a miniature pirate ship complete with peg doll pirates and polymer clay sharks. Arggg, matey!

      • Offered: June 17-21st, & Aug 5-9th-WAITLIST

        Is your kiddo super into fairies, gnomes, and the magic of forest creatures? Us, too! In this camp, makers will create detailed fairy and gnome habitats using natural materials from our cabin in the woods. Makers will learn to needle felt, create miniatures, and stitch toadstool stuffies. We'll even craft woodland creature costumes like fairies, gnomes, foxes, or deer for even more imaginative play!

      • Offered: June 24-28th

        Put down the phone and back away slowly. It's so much fun to make and play your own DIY games! In our wildly popular Toy Shop format, makers will design and build fun games like rainy day games, pinball machines, and outdoor games. We'll spend the last two days creating our own games toy shop where campers will make a game company, then sell their games to each other, play, and have fun!

      • Offered: July 8-12th

        If your kiddo loved stitching their first stuffie, they will LOVE this camp. We'll spend the week designing and stitching more complex and detailed stuffies, soft-sided games, miniatures, and toys. We’ll learn more about patterning, creating three-dimensional objects, and more advanced stitching techniques. In true Toy Shop fashion, our week will culminate in a super plush toy sale for campers to swap their soft-toy creations.

      • Offered: July 22-26th

        In our Things That Move Toy Shop 2.0, we'll design and build all sorts of playthings with locomotion. Makers will explore simple machines by creating toys and gadgets with moving parts like wheels, pulleys, screws, and ramps. Things that Move is the perfect camp for those crafty kids with a mind for engineering and problem-solving. Makers will build projects like wooden rolling toys, marble runs, pompom catapults, Ferris wheels, and Rube-Goldberg-style Mouse Trap games. We'll practice skills like design thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, prototyping, and constructive feedback while making super fun toys that really move. In true Toy Shop fashion, makers will create their own toy company with toys that move and then sell their creations to one another.

      • Offered: July 1-3rd & July 29-Aug 2nd

        We've fallen in love with puppets around here. There are endless ways to design, construct, and perform with puppets. From marionettes to Muppets, puppets are a maker's dream. In this week-long camp, participants will explore puppetry traditions from all over the world. We will learn about present-day and historical ways people made and performed with puppets. But most of all, we'll spend our days designing and constructing our own puppets and theatre. Puppets are a perfect way to experiment with simple machines by developing puppets with moving parts. We will follow the group's lead to build scripts and stages for our puppet show masterpieces. The last day will be dedicated to rehearsals and performances. There's something for everyone in this creative camp!

      • Offered: July 8-12th

        We’ll learn all about treehouse design, then plan and build miniature tree houses at 1:12 scale using natural sticks, popsicle sticks, and plenty of low-temp hot glue. We’ll even add in peg doll characters and loads of details. These mini treehouses will provide hours of imaginative play long after the camp ends. 

      • Offered: June 24-28th, July 22-26th, & Aug 12-16th

        So we won't actually be at the zoo, but this will be a wild adventure! Zoo campers will choose their favorite zoo animals to recreate in miniature menageries and costumes. Makers will learn creative craft techniques like papier mache, wire sculpture, and hand sewing. In our culminating experience, we'll create our own life-size zoo experience with trainers, animals, and more!

      • Offered: July 8-12th

        Do you have an inventor/tinkerer on your hands? Send them to Cool Contraptions! We will design and build large-scale Rube Golberg-inspired machines with moving parts. Makers will learn all about simple machines, design thinking, collaboration, building techniques, and safe tool use.

      • Offered: June 17-21st & July 15-19th

        Carnivals are all about having fun, and what's more fun than making your own DIY carnival?! In this week-long camp, makers will use cardboard, wood scraps, and up-cycled materials to create carnival-inspired crafts. Projects include cardboard mini-games (Plinko, skeeball, pinball, etc.), a mini-carnival swing ride or Ferris wheel, and moving character puppets like a trapeze artist or a strong man. We'll end the week by creating a collaborative carnival with DIY games and prizes. Choose your own maker adventure with more miniatures and prizes. In this super fun DIY camp, makers will flex their creative muscles while learning all about engineering, simple machines, design, and collaboration. This is creative STEAM at its best.

      • Offered: June 24-28th & July 22-26th

        Let's go on an epic craft journey together! We'll explore all the creative gold in the fairy tale world of knights and castles. We'll create knight costumes, swords and shields, and miniature castles. In our culminating experience, campers will create their own Renaissance festival with costumes, props, performances, and more!

      • Offered: June 17-21st, July 8-12th, & July 29-Aug 2nd

        Summer and crafting go together. In our newest camp offering, we'll spend our week working on classic summer camp craft projects that stand the test of time as kid favorites. Projects include friendship bracelets, Lanyards, aka boondoggles, wood burning, weaving, macrame, leather craft, paper beads, and plenty of time for self-directed making using arts and crafts classics like popsicle sticks, yarn, and pompoms.

      • Offered: June 24-28th & July 15-19th

        Woodworking is a time-honored craft skill that can help kids build confidence, self-sufficiency, and spatial reasoning. In this camp, makers will learn the foundations of safe woodworking techniques while we create various fun and valuable projects. Practices include using safety equipment properly, planning, cutting, drilling, basic joinery, sanding, and finishing. Projects include table-top bean bag toss, birdhouse, balance board, gumball machine, and scrapwood open-build.

      • Offered: July 1-3rd & July 22-26th

        The tween scene is all about aesthetics and personal space. Why not make a mark on your home life? In this camp for older kids (ages 8+), we'll create home decor like macrame wall hangings, scented candles, concrete succulent planters, storage containers, hand-printed and stitched pillows, huge paper flowers, and more. We'll follow the lead of the group to explore design trends and claim our personal spaces.


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