Open Workshop for kids

75 minutes of guided access to our workshop full of tools and materials! Stay and play or drop the kids for up to two sessions.


  • 9-10:15/10:30-11:45am
  • 1-2:15/2:30-3:45pm


  • 9-10:15/10:30-11:45am

Kids' night out

Send the kids to us 5:30-8 pm. Each month, we’ll have a new and fun project, order pizza from Sexy Pizza, hang out, and have loads of fun. You go on a date, read a book, whatever.


Family Workshop

As folks who love the kids in our lives, we are always looking for ways to connect and create memories. We’ve designed our family workshop for just this purpose. Take a Sunday afternoon to slow down, connect and create something together.

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Party time

We make it easy on ya. Reach out and book your time slot, pick a theme, invite 12 kids max, grab some treats and you're ready to go. Low stress, big time good times.

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